Melton in Suffolk

Local Events and Happenings

Regardless of the time of the year you are planning to visit Melton, you can be sure that you won’t be bored during your stay in the village. There is plenty to see and experience in and near Melton all year round. And if you by any chance already seen it all (which is hard to imagine though), you will be pleased to hear that the village is also regularly hosting various special events and happening. For all tastes and ages!

The Locals Always the Best Source of Information

The locals are always the best source of information about local events and happenings, and Melton is no exception. If you want to be informed about the upcoming events and equally important, which ones you are most likely to enjoy visiting, just ask the locals. They will be happy to tell you all about the actual event, venue, date/time, etc. Also, they will tell you what to expect and by doing so help you determine whether the event is worth visiting or should you perhaps consider staying at home or drive outside Melton.

Keep Track of the Melton Parish Council Website

If you want to be up to date with the latest events and happenings in Melton, it’s a good idea to regularly visit the Melton Parish Council website. In addition to a wealth of highly useful information on just about anything related to the village, the website also provides information on the upcoming events.

Consider Driving to Woolbridge or Ipswich

Though there is no shortage of events in Melton, the choice is quite limited not only when it comes to the actual events but their frequency as well. In other words, it isn’t unusual for an entire week to pass without a single event taking place in the village. This, however, doesn’t mean you have to sit at home. Thanks to proximity of the village to Woolbridge and much larger Ipswich, Melton visitors and residents alike enjoy easy access to a diversity of events and happenings. At any day of the week and any time of the year.

So if you feeling like going out but nothing is happening in Melton, just hop into your vehicle and drive to the neighbouring Woolbridge or a bit further (but conveniently close) Ipswich.