Melton in Suffolk

Pubs, Restaurants and Nightlife in Melton

When it comes to pubs, restaurants and nightlife, Melton obviously can’t compete with the neighbouring Woodbridge and much less with larger towns such as Ipswich. But one thing is sure. You won’t go hungry or thirsty in this Suffolk village.

Eat and Drink in Local Eateries and Pubs

The best way to experience any place is to try local food and beverages. Even if it’s a pizza, it is made slightly differently in every place. So if you want to truly experience Melton and its people, you are recommended to get something to eat and drink in the village. The choice of pubs and restaurants may be limited but there is something to suit every taste.

World-Class Culinary Experience Just a Short Drive Away

Demanding eaters will be pleased to hear that world-class culinary experience is just a short drive away. The village is less than 2 miles from Woodbridge where you can find a plethora of pubs and restaurants serving everything from local pub food to international dishes - at prices to suit every pocket. But please note that in some restaurants, especially the fine ones, you need a reservation. To avoid going hungry or waiting for a table for hours, you are advised to check for availability in advance.

If you by any chance can’t find a place to eat according to your taste, you can also drive to Ipswich. Less than 10 miles from Melton, the city is home to a diversity of eateries serving everything from local food to Chinese, Thai, Greek, Indian, Italian,… You won’t find a better choice of eateries in this part of Suffolk.

Exciting Nightlife Just Around the Corner

Melton might not be famous for exciting nightlife scene, however, club goers and party lovers don’t need to travel far to find first class night-time entertainment. There are quite a few nightclubs and many more bars and pubs in the nearby Woodbridge, all open well into the night. Also an option is to drive to Ipswich which can satisfy even the greatest “party animals”. Mums and dads will be pleased to hear that despite the bad reputation of Ipswich nightclubs, these are not half as bad as commonly thought. In fact, they are no more dangerous than those in other Suffolk towns of a comparable size.